Winter, I’m over it

Yes I live in a warm part of Australia which has a very short ‘winter’ with lots of sun and no snow.

But that doesn’t stop me hating the cold.

Just to get it off my chest – here are all the reasons winter is terrible and summer kicks its arse.

– If I never hear ‘You look rugged up’ again, it will be too soon. It’s 10 degrees, am I supposed to wear a tshirt? (Bonus punch in the arm for ‘You look cold’)

– Jacket on, jacket off. Jacket on, jacket off. Constantly too hot inside and too cold outside.

– Related: Winter requires way too many clothes in general. People just love to say ‘But when you’re cold in winter, you can just add another layer!’ Incorrect, I can be wearing five layers and still be cold.

– Yet, stupidly, while winter requires many clothes, I always end up wearing the same outer layers, every single day, because they are the warm ones. The same boots, the same coat, over and over. For months.

– If one part of me is cold, all of me is cold.

– Only ever truly warm in the shower or in bed.

– Long nights means less time for getting outside.

– If I do get outside and exercise – I warm up a bit – and then, I’m cold and sweaty.

– Socialising requires not only physical preparation of extra layers but mental preparation of steeling oneself against cold, wind and rain. When I lived in Canberra, I had to make a rule for myself that ‘it’s cold’ was not an excuse to miss a social event.

– Living in a place that’s warm 9 months of the year, houses and buildings generally aren’t built with cold weather in mind. When I lived in Canberra, in super-insulated flats, it had to get to 8 degrees outside before I needed to put a heater on. In Lismore, the temperature drops to 13 degrees outside and I’m shivering inside the house.

I truly can’t understand the concept that cold is a pleasant environment to exist in unless we are talking air conditioning on a summer’s day. I am only able to assume it must be a reality through imagining that it’s the opposite of how I feel about summer.


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