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Should we consume negative media? Do we even have a choice?

I have been a fairly angry person in the past; rage consumption of media played a big part of this. It seems to me to be a trend that if you are a feminist, publicly, these days, a lot of it involves denouncing things.

So much productivity literature, another of my favourite things to read (while I’m procrastinating wildly, obviously), says to cut out negativity.

It seems to pop up in advice from male writers. Funnily enough,  men are also the ones who get mad when women (feminist or not) like Clementine Ford do call shit out we don’t agree with, like violence. And Zanni Louise, whose gentle blog I love, makes an excellent point when she asks… what do we do that for anyway?

I look for balance and please no one but myself in this. If I say something, I want it to mean something. If I’m angry, I want to express that thought, and then let it go, because I’ve moved on to doing something else, hopefully something to address it. I volunteer and my day job involves helping people all the time.

But then there are those things that make you feel angry because it’s something you can’t escape, it’s part of your reality. Do you ignore it? You can’t. Directly, as a result of the tracking of now-41 Australian women’s deaths through violence this year by Destroy the Joint, I feel less safe, I worry about my friends more, I wonder about domestic violence more. I thank my partner for being gentle, for God’s sake. Why are we trained to be this way?

I want to be productive through ignoring negativity in life. I want to focus on the good. But you can’t use positive thinking to bring back 41 women dead.